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The best of both worlds! Spread along the banks of a 230-acre Ponkapoag Pond in the 8,500-acre DCR Blue Hills Reservation. The camp offers a wilderness experience just 15 minutes from Boston. Here you’ll enjoy a rustic environment, be able to help preserve this critical area, and have the chance to volunteer to keep the Ponkapoag spirit alive!

Camp News:

  • Our very first edition of the Ponkapoag Newsletter has been published!
  • Work Party Dates for Spring 2023: 
    • April 2 (Sunday) 
    • April 29 (Saturday – Road & trail work) 
    • May 21 (Sunday) 
    • June 11 (Sunday) 
    • June 24 (Saturday) 
      • June 25 (Sunday) 
    • To learn how to make a reservation, go to the Reservations page.


    AMC’s Ponkapoag Camp, a purposefully rustic campground located in Greater Boston, will foster a deep connection to nature for the region’s diverse population.


    Our mission at the AMC Ponkapoag Camp is to create:

    • Direct experiences with nature on a personal level
    • An inclusive community through affordability, outreach and accessibility
    • Environmental stewardship and advocacy for nature generally and the Blue Hills Reservation in particular
    • Connection to and promotion of the values of the AMC

    We aim to provide a transformational experience that encourages campers to become volunteers and advocates for themselves, their community, and the natural world.