Coming up:

May 21 2017 (Sunday): . This Sunday we plan to complete the water line, continue working on the stone steps at the beach, road work,
 collect fire extinguishers from unused cabins and brought to my cabin with their cabin names on them, clean-out under Rogers,under the lodge and remove any unnecessary objects. Remove boats from lodge and secure outside. There are pedestal grills to be installed. Open-up Folsom and Wilkie, replace furniture, thoroughly clean all surfaces and report any repairs needed-screens,windows etc. There are plenty of jobs for any and all who wish to come. Please let us know if you plan to attend and we'll give you the gate code. Lunch will also be provided. Last few times we got pizza. 


June 10 2017 (Saturday):


June 24 2017 (Opening Day): setting up the waterfront, readying the lodge, cabin prep, clean-up...